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Liberty Bus, Inc. was founded with one main goal; provide a low cost school bus certified vehicle to replace the non-conforming van. In meeting this goal the Multi Purpose Bus or the MPB was developed. This bus looks like no other bus on the market today. What makes this vehicle unique is the fact that the roof has not been raised. However, the vehicle still meets federal rollover protection, as well as all FMVSS in relation to school buses.

Introducing a New and Versatile Alternate Vehicle
Built for One Purpose… YOUR PEACE OF MIND!

If you are currently involved in the transportation of children, you know that the rules of the road are changing. Non-conforming vans are being sold to schools and other agencies for school transportation purposes.  It should be understood that using non-certified vans is not illegal; however, it is illegal for a manufacturer or a dealer to sell a non-certified van for school use. This practice has drawn national attention because of several severe accidents, some resulting in fatal injuries.

In 1974 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) enacted a regulatory definition of   “school bus.” This definition is, “ A bus that is sold or introduced in interstate commerce for the purpose that include carrying students to and from school related events; but does not include a bus that is sold or designed for options as a common carrier in urban transportation.” NHSTA later clarified the school bus definition as “ Any vehicle that is designed for carrying a driver and more than ten (10) passengers, and which NHSTA decides is likely to be used significantly to transport pre-primary, primary, and secondary students to or from school or school-related events.”

The responsibility of complying with the above definition is that of the manufacturer and/or the selling dealer. In other words, it is not illegal to use a non-conforming van. However, it is illegal to sell or build a non-conforming van if the seller (dealer) or the manufacturer has knowledge that a school, daycare, head start YMCA/YWCA or contractor will use the bus for student transportation.

Adding to the “use confusion” are 50 state regulations that vary on what meets the definition of a school bus in each state. Furthering this confusion, many automobile dealers have ignored, or were ignorant of the definitions set forth by NHSTA.

Liberty Bus, Inc. understands the importance of these safety transportation issues. We also recognize the significance of following recommendations that have been set forth by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA recommends that only certified school buses are to be used for transporting students to schools, day cares, Head Start programs, YMCA/YWCA programs, and other activities sponsored by similar agencies.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has strongly recommended that only certified school buses are to be used for transporting students to schools, day care, head start programs, YMCA/YWCA programs, and other activities sponsored by like agencies.

Now there is an answer to non-conforming van usage. Liberty Bus, Inc. is introducing a full line of Alternate Vehicles.

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